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"I couldn’t believe how silent my geared transmission became-nigh on as quiet as a fixed and this hasn’t
deteriorated despite 750 varied miles (through mud, heavy downpour and coastal climate) and 1,000 miles
between applications certainly isn’t out of the question.  ... Without doubt the finest wet lube I've come across."
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"Every once in a while a product comes along that is technologically light years ahead of the rest and the pack will have to
try and catch up... CHAIN-L has converted me. I now understand the benefits of an oil lube. Besides having the best
name ever conceived for a chain lubricant (say it fast), CHAIN-L is by far the best chain lube I’ve ever applied to my bike."
MTBR (Mountain Bike Review) Chain-L Reviews
"Excellent lube. Seems to last forever. I have at least 10 good rides on the latest application and the drivetrain is still
whisper quiet."
- Toronto, Canada
"The dust in Phoenix is horrible and really eats away at the drive train components...With Chain-L, I get a minimum
of 3 hours (riding), sometimes more. Even though it's very thick and stringy on application, it really doesn't attract as
much dust as the "dry" lubes.'
- Arizona

"I was skeptical...Well, crow tastes like crap. This stuff is for real, best Ive used and Ive used them all." - New

MTBR Forum Discussions:   Chain-L Oil!!!!      Personal Review of Chain-L..
"the choice of carbon fibre as a frame material wasn't only forced by a sense of trend and one upmanship (if
carbon still grants this nowadays), but by the fact that it simply doesn't rust. however, similar cannot be said for the
hardest working part of the bike (apart from me after three weeks off the saddle) - the chain. life for them has not
become any easier as the years have trundled by, what with an increasing number of sprockets, changing under
pressure and a decrease in width. it is, therefore, incumbent on ourselves, as responsible owners, to make sure
that we make life as easy as possible. and with a never-ending slew of bizarre perfume adverts on the telly for
christmas, there can only be one choice: chain-l number 5.."
Velocipede Salon Discussion Forum
"i made the leap atmo. all other chain lubes no longer matter. this stuff is the sinatra of chain lubes." -- e-Richie (Richard Sachs)
"i decided to try out the 'scent' that e-richie was plugging over yonder. i mean, i hear the guy knows bikes. fixed gear is always quiet, but after a dose of chain-l we're talking black ninja of death silent.
even survived a brief but torrential downpour that had me riding in 1/2" of water in the low spots."
-- dookie
"Last spring I gave Chain-L chain lube a "very good"  4-star rating in my review (now in the Premium
things: total chain life, and how the stuff would work in the rain.
Now I know.
My mid-quality SRAM PC-971 chain accumulated 4,334 miles (6,978 km) with Chain-L before
reaching the max-wear line on my chain gauge. During its life, the chain was removed and relubed
just once. Two other times I did Chain-L's "freshen up" trick of applying the stuff to a rag and running
the chain through it....Nothing indicated that I needed to relube ... but old habits die hard. For
decades, no matter what brand of lube, I was reapplying it every 7-12 days -- at 300 miles (480 km)
or so -- to prevent a noisy, squeaky drivetrain.
My test chain got drenched on 2 long rides with several hours remaining after the rain. No rust, no
squeaks, no stiff links, no change in shifting performance. The chain looked grungy after these rides
but it cleaned up easily when run through a rag.
As a guy who rides a lot year-round, I'm stoked to have a smooth-running, long-lasting chain that
needs less than 15 minutes of maintenance in its lifetime. For sure, Chain-L ($12 for a 4-oz. bottle) is
messy to apply, but then the chain is the last thing on my mind."
-- Ed Pavelka
For Ed's Full Review and Followup, Click here.
"We've grown numb to most chain lube manufacturers' heady boasts but the new Chain-L N°5
'High Mileage Formula' actually seems to work as advertised.
 Superb lubrication properties and
impressively long-lasting in both wet and dry conditions, but can be very messy if improperly
4 1/2 out of 5 stars.
Here's the complete Test & Review
"I don't normally "review" the latest and greatest gear...The glossies do a great job of trying to sell stuff,
so I usually only vent about stuff that totally sucks. Whining is generally my forte, you see.

But every once in a while something works well enough that I'm impressed (and surprised) and this is
one of those times. For what it's worth, the Chain-L guys don't know I'm posting this, and they didn't give
me anything (not even free product, darn it!) to say nice things about them.

So I've always been a dry-lube kinda guy... I've come to expect that I have to re-lube the chain after
pretty much every decent length ride, or it'll start sounding (and pedaling) like crap...

Enter the Chain-L ... I saw a small ad in BRAIN and ordered a $4 sample bottle (which I've lubed about
5 chains with over the last month) on a whim. I put it on pretty much all my bikes, and god, it's messy...

But sheesh, I've got at least 250 miles on my dually over the last month (about 120 of that in the last 3
days) in all kinds of dusty/muddy/dirty conditions (with plenty of creek crossings) around Boulder and
Winter Park. I've wiped the dirt off the chain a few times, but other than that, I haven't touched it - and it
runs smooth and quiet, as if it had just been lubed. Totally rad.

So anyway, give it a try. The sample size (which, if you're careful, is easily good for 5-6 chains) is only
$4. If you hate it, all you've lost is enough to buy a decent pint of beer. Oh, and you'll have a pretty
messy chain, so if you're a neat freak, keep that in mind.

Anyone want a quart of Finish Line dry lube? Cheap?" - Walt Wehner, Walt's Custom Bicycles Blog